Search Engine Expertise

company_profile_globe.jpgEstablished in 1999, YourAmigo started life as a search engine. The company was founded on unique search technology, developed in an artificial intelligence laboratory in a university, which solved the problem of the Invisible Web.

Based on this patented search architecture and its artificial intelligence, YourAmigo developed an enterprise search engine for searching very large intranets and websites to find content that other search engines could not find.  We sold our enterprise search engine to large companies and governments around the globe, and were selected for this product as one of the Top 100 Companies in the world in Knowledge Management from 2003 to 2006.

Specialized Organic Search Marketing Services

In 2002, YourAmigo further harnessed the power of our search engine's artificial intelligence and unique content discovery capabilities and created Spider Linker™, the first pay-for-performance, proxy-based organic search solution in the world.

Today, YourAmigo specializes only in organic search because organic search is the toughest and most complex of all online marketing programs to master, it is constantly changing, and YourAmigo has the expertise and artificial intelligence to be able to master it and maximize the volume of traffic and revenue that can be generated through organic search.

Spider Linker's early implementations in 2003 were focused on helping websites get crawled by Google, Yahoo and other search engines.   But, the key to increasing traffic and making money for our customers through organic search was both extensive content creation and search rankings - if web pages were visible to search engines but not ranking highly in the search engines then, to all intents and purposes, the website's products and brand were in fact still invisible to searchers.

YourAmigo has focused the majority of its research and development over the last 7 years into truly understanding how to leverage organic search to maximize the quality, relevance and volume of traffic, revenue and profit for our customers.

This is what we specialize in, what we focus on, and what we take pride in.

YourAmigo's Business Philosophy

YourAmigo has totally aligned its business model with its customers by charging a unique pay-for-performance fee in organic search.  Our customers love this model because they don't pay for consultancy advice or  ongoing services, only traffic and sales at their target ROAS.

Working with YourAmigo is easy - we're the first organic search marketing solutions company to pioneer the pay-for-performance business model. There are no lock-in contracts, our business is transparent, and customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

International Company

YourAmigo is an international company undertaking organic search marketing activities in the USA, UK & Europe, China, Korea, Japan and Australia.

We have offices in California, New York, Florida, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Blue-Chip Customers

Spider Linker™ has been used by some of the world's largest companies, such as Sony, News Corporation, General Motors, Redcats, Avon and Reebok, and other world leaders who we can't disclose due to confidentiality agreements.

YourAmigo also has strategic partnerships worldwide.

Company Profile

"Your Amigo increased its sales a staggering 93.6% from the previous year."
SVP Apparel Retailer
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