What is Spider Linker™?

Spider Linker™ is a unique, scalable, artificial intelligence technology which powers a new revenue channel and complements your current online marketing programs by boosting overall online revenues between 3%-25%.

YourAmigo's Spider Linker™ is used globally by the world's biggest brands to drive substantial, additional ROI-positive revenue to their businesses without changing their current online marketing programs.

There are no lock-in contracts, and customers pay-for-performance. To all intents and purposes we enter into a "partnership" whereby we ensure that the success of your business becomes the success of ours.

Having begun life as a search engine, YourAmigo has been able to use its artificial intelligence technology to develop a unique, proven, intelligent and intuitive organic search marketing service.  Spider Linker™ complements your existing in-house and external SEO programs and independently drives you different traffic and sales that are incremental and separately measurable from your existing efforts.

The YourAmigo Difference

The key principle of Google's Search Personalization, which YourAmigo subscribes to, is that everyone searches differently, so to grow your business and stay competitive online, understanding how to maximize your website's relevance and performance in organic search, the major online traffic vehicle by far, is becoming more important than ever.

Unfortunately, in organic search, nothing is easy, so how do you adapt daily to a market that is being continuously segmented and where you have to quickly understand changing searcher behavior and cater for the millions of different search phrases relevant to your products to capture as many of those searchers as possible?  The answer is you need an intelligent, scalable solution which can, without waiting months for IT resources to become available,  position you to attract as many of those searchers to your website as possible - this is one part of the YourAmigo difference:

Without changing the customer's website, or being invasive to any other online marketing program, Spider Linker™ uses a portfolio of tailored marketing services which, individually, incrementally increase the volume of organic search traffic, improve conversion rates, increase average basket values and generate millions of dollars per annum in incremental revenue, risk free.  The increase in revenue is on the total website revenue from all sources, not just the increase in search revenue.

Search Engine Enhanced Content (SEEC™) - A key part of the Spider Linker™ service, YourAmigo's SEEC™ capability is unique to YourAmigo.  Developed in 2006, SEEC™ has revolutionized organic search by enabling Customers to attract multiples of new qualified searchers and buyers through millions of new relevant search terms.   With YourAmigo's search engine experts able to access millions of pages of real-time proprietary searcher behaviour data, and SEEC's unique, scalable technology to create thousands of new pages, matching millions of different organic search phrases, customers are seeing new sales within a few days of going live.

Typically, SEEC™ will undertake its gap analysis and create a large number of additional, unique web pages in less than 4 weeks which drive significant volumes of incremental revenue.

Spider Linker™ is very focused on users.  Based on their search terms, Spider Linker™ takes users directly to the deep product pages without having to spend time navigating the site, thus ensuring that users get quickly to the relevant information they were searching for and are less likely to abandon the site.

Spider Linker™ Features

Spider Linker™ pay-for-performance organic search marketing services include:

Most Popular Keywords, Top Sellers and Most Profitable Products

spider_linker_tech_red_carpet.jpgSpider Linker™ uses proprietary data everyday from approximately 60 million pages and 5.2 billion keywords to capture, refine and improve the relevancy of keywords used to improve organic search rankings. We have also had great success for customers by commencing campaigns with their best sellers and most profitable products.

Ultra Long Tail, Keyword Gap Analysis & Optimization

spider_linker_tech_books.jpgWorking on the 80/20 principle, the long tail shows that products in low demand or with low sales volume collectively make up a market share that rivals the top sellers.  Spider Linker™ captures real keyword combinations (including common misspellings) that searchers actually enter into search engines to optimize for organic search listings and the ultra long tail. Spider Linker's technology has enabled optimization for the ultra long tail, creation of thousands of new pages for very large websites in a matter of weeks, giving customers a major uplift in traffic and revenues.

Contextual Merchandising

spider_linker_tech_ribbons.jpgAs well as providing customers with more ways to find products via specific search, YourAmigo also provides site users with relevant and complimentary products on the pages they view. Spider Linker™ automatically 'suggests' products based on pre-determined product relationships, which increases the user's experience, their average order value, and overall sales.

Contextual Advertising & Marketing Promotions

spider_linker_tech_green_pricetag.jpgSpider Linker™ displays targeted promotions and special offers directly related to a site user's search keywords. These ads may be displayed as banner ads, or appear on the webpage to increase average order value and overall revenue.

Product Review Optimization

spider_linker_tech_red_tick.jpgProduct reviews provide site users with credible information about the quality of the product on offer. Spider Linker™ has the capacity to allow for user generated product reviews and comparison of consumer products on product pages.

Out-of-Stock / End-of-Line Product Management

spider_linker_tech_do_not_symbol.jpgInstead of just showing that a particular product is out of stock, Spider Linker™ suggests the closest possible product matches. Spider Linker™ displays a list of related items to the user's search query when a product is either out of stock or no longer available to maximize the opportunity to generate a sale from alternative products.

International Languages

spider_linker_tech_flag_globe.jpgYourAmigo creates optimized content for websites in over 50 languages (including complex Asian and Middle Eastern languages).

Real-Time Data Updates

spider_linker_tech_hourglass.jpgSpider Linker™ is able to keep product prices and stock availability in synch with changes to the client's website in real time. Whenever a site user goes to purchase an item, Spider Linker™ immediately verifies that the product is available and displays the most up-to-date price.

Multivariate Testing

spider_linker_tech_die.jpgYourAmigo improves the user experience by monitoring buyer behavior, making incremental page changes, and testing and measuring the impact of modified page layouts, to improve page usability and increase the conversion rate.

Web 2.0 and AJAX

spider_linker_tech_laptop.jpgWe handle AJAX pages by determining the scope of content, and custom crawling each page to make them search-engine friendly to ensure search engines can find them. When a crawler or searcher requests our crawler-friendly URL, we can either serve up cached content or reproduce the required AJAX state dynamically by refetching the content from the origin server. We've never come across a site that we've not been able to expose.

Campaign Measurement

spider_linker_tech_tape.jpgWe use a scientific approach to continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of sites by monitoring traffic, conversions, and other shifts in data. YourAmigo customers have access to all their campaign statistics via an analytics dashboard.

Scalability, Volume of Traffic, Sales and ROI

spider_linker_tech_barchart.jpgSpider Linker™ has the capacity to work with the world's largest websites, and is easily scalable from thousands to millions of pages. No matter what size website you start with, Spider Linker™ supports website expansion through our highly-automated process of page creation. Using our SAAS model to expand as your volume of traffic and sales increase means that your organic search campaign will always stay up-to-date - a near impossible task to manually replicate.

Quick Implementation

spider_linker_tech_stopwatch.jpgBased on feedback from our Customer's IT teams worldwide, it only takes about one hour for a Customer to implement a Spider Linker™ organic search marketing campaign. We work closely with your team to make your campaign process as streamlined as possible.

Spider Linker™ Technology

"YourAmigo have increased my overall online revenue by more than 5% year after year."
Leading Retailer and valued YourAmigo Client for 5 years.
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